1 Rule || Simplicity

Maximising the amount of work NOT done!

Implementing Flux

The One Rule (1R)


Working ONLY on one item at a time, strictly based on the priority assigned until it’s Done.

  1. Inspection and Adaptation cycle should be carried out for each increment of work while progress can be measured using AIRWave as a guidance.
  2. “Done” in Flux, is defined as the iteration of work being used by a consumer & have provided a basic feedback.
  3. Until the work is “Done”, the 1R team should not work on the next backlog item in the queue, even if a member is free.
  4. The 1R team can start planning for an unrelated work item, while waiting for the end user feedback.
  5. In critical cases (e.g. live bug fixes) only on Product team’s request, the whole 1R team should stop working on the current item and declare it blocked. No 1R team member can work on the blocked item anymore.

The bubble should stick to the 1R rule at all times and the `One Rule Champion (1RC)` is the driver to remind and guard this rule.

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