1 Rule || Simplicity

Maximising the amount of work NOT done!

Flux Teams

The One Rule (1R) Team

The 1R team is responsible for the execution of a single item at a time until it is done adhering to the 1R rule. As a minimum, a 1R team should have these 2 core specialised roles –

  1. One Rule Champion (1RC)
  2. Delivery Associate (DA)

1R team cannot choose a specific Product team to work with. The roles are recommended to be attached to a dedicated individual at all times to focus on what they do best.

One Rule Champion is the guardian of the One Rule and a servant leader, who has low or no technical knowledge. If they are from a technical background they must `unlearn` to play this role. This role is a “process” expert who exist to keep the communication around product delivery as transparent as possible within the bubble and outside the bubble. This role should not be shared and is strictly focused on a single bubble’s goal and delivery plan. This individual is the glue which holds the Product team and 1R team together, while they are in a bubble.


Delivery Associate , as the name suggest can be a developer, a tester or the UX member or anyone who is involved in the hands on delivery. There are no restrictions on how many Delivery Associates can be on a 1R team.

Flux demands respect for the specialised skills; not to “force” them to become cross skilled because the One Rule makes sure it is not a dependency.

Delivery Associates are expected to share knowledge of newly learned techniques to other 1R teams. They can have T-skills like being a Architecture expert or DevOps expert to help the 1R team to stay in the context, explore & experiment new technologies while working around a specific work item.

A typical workflow in a 1R team looks like – Open > Blocked > In Progress > Done – as the members will only work on one item at a time and don’t have the choice to commit to another item on the backlog.

The Product Team

Product team decides which 1R team is suitable for their backlog and hence decides who they form the bubble with. As the name suggests the role is purely focused on product discovery and goes all in from market research to inception to consumer delivery as well as consumer acceptance by product success analysis.

Product Team is a permanent team which is not bound by the 1R rule and can work in multiple items at one time.

As a minimum, a Product team has the following 2 specialised roles –

  1. Product Champion (PC)
  2. Product Analyst (PA)

The roles are recommended to be attached to a dedicated individual at all times to focus on what they do best. PC is NOT a typical business representative. PC plays a champion role of making the product a success from it’s inception. PC can receive suggestions from stakeholders or anyone in the business but has the right to reject the idea with valid arguments.

Product team cannot have multiple PCs and only this person is allowed to add items in the backlog. While in a bubble the PC is the glue between the 1R and Product team, just like the 1RC in 1R team. PC and 1RC together focuses on a common goal – successful product delivery. A PC can own multiple backlogs but can only use one bubble per product area for implementation. Hence they can be shared between different bubbles at the same time.

Product Analysts (PA) will be responsible to provide valuable analytics data to the PC even if they are not part of the bubble. Product team can have multiple PAs and they are responsible to capture, analyse and support the 1R teams for design decisions while development which affects consumer satisfaction.

PA can influence the addition/removal of backlog items by providing research outcomes but cannot add/remove items themselves. They can work on multiple backlogs as well on multiple bubbles. Hence they can be shared between different bubbles at the same time like the PC.

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