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Flux – The Power of Simplicity

Decoupling is a well known practice in major industries for a long time. Independent systems and processes have been known for high scalability and stability. It is futuristic and makes a business more reliable by making it adaptable to change. The Flux framework is purely based on this mindset. It is easy to learn and easy to master, if we respect the One Rule (1R).


Flux is a decoupling framework.


Flux works best as a standalone framework for any organisation and is the basis of a large “descaling” framework known as Xtreme Descaling Ecosystem (XDEco). XDEco will promote descaling instead of scaling to make an organisation agile over time and is currently being experimented. The aim is to use the benefit of process decoupling to an organisation and embracing the “change is the only constant” ideology.

Flux take robust measures to decouple processes and it will work for anyone who is fond of collaborative product development. Flux is the “end goal” which an organisation/team wants to achieve and work towards it as fast as they can. This helps us to learn faster by pushing us out of our comfort zone (dissolving the Bubble). This experience is priceless for the organisation as it breeds professionals with similar knowledge of systems and technical expertise. We need to carve our development structure according to the business goals, not the other way round. We have to make sure we don’t create technical debts in the first place rather than dealing with them later in the cycle supporting the shift left mindset. Successful robust delivery within scheduled timeline is more important than interdependent tools, techniques and practices.

To maintain this awareness around product delivery we need the fastest feedback loops regardless of what other teams do or recommend (Continuous Feedback). Implement, Inspect and Adapt – this well known loop shouldn’t be estimated as it’s always a moving target. Flow Efficiency, Lead Time and Cycle time can be easily measured, as it directly depend on the duration we take to reach the Done state defined in Flux. If we are independent nuclear teams, the fastest feedback cycle can be as small as an hour (say for bug fixes), few hours or a day depending on what we are working on. This feedback cycle should be decoupled as well according to business needs and approver’s availability.

The world is a small place and not everyone have the luxury of co-locate while they try to grow their businesses. We shouldn’t need a set date/time for production deploy or inspection of all product iterations at the same time. We need these checkpoints decoupled as soon as we get an opportunity. Goal is to implement, inspect and adapt before you start another work which can very well be a second iteration of the original Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Flux framework goes all in to maintain these mindsets and the 6 values provides crucial guidance to decouple the product teams or even the specialties to go with them.

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