High End Smartphones Aren’t Made To Fulfill Your Needs

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There’s a simple theory in the not so smart “Smart(phone) World” –

Run after a technology which is highly rated and highly applauded by the critics and power users. It is like ordering a meal you know you can’t finish. No, I won’t be criticising a particular brand here today. I will stand in front of you with a mirror and ask you to answer a simple question –

Why did you choose the Smartphone, which you ‘think’ is the best?


I hear you, here are the common reasons

  • The latest Android version
  • Slimmest design
  • The coolest iOS version
  • The best camera a smartphone can have
  • The world’s first waterproof phone
  • The screen made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0
  • The highest screen resolution ever made


Now, look at your Real life. How many of these features you actually use in your day to day life and where do you use it? I bet none of these matters to common users which are mostly not related to IT or any sort of Technology background. So why do you care what a phone critic say about it?

The Truth is –

You need the latest android version, only if you are a developer; to make sure you are up to the speed what Google has changed.

You only need the slimmest design to look cool, admit it. It looks sexy, slick and raises few brows and give you a moment of superiority.

The coolest iOS version is iOS7 which has several new features. I bet you can name few of them, Siri being the coolest one but what about the rest? Still you will buy a new iPhone to get those without even thinking why you are buying it?


The best camera phone with 41MP count and huge sensor with exceptionally high quality lenses squeezed into a 10mm thick body.. Brilliant. How many of you actually know what the MP count is for? How many of you actually know the difference between the sensor sizes?

There is no doubt, it is the best camera phone Nokia ever built, but is it for you?


World’s first waterproof smartphone Xperia Z (I have one of these, trust me I don’t take it to shower everyday) has a lot to offer. It’s genuinely Brilliant, have tons of truly innovative features which you will never use (hell, even I don’t use all of them). But is that something really needed in your daily life? Also, if you fell for that first waterproof “LIE”, you should know by now you know a little less. Panasonic Eluga was the first who have released the waterproof smartphone before Sony. Now you know 🙂


You do need strong touch screen with a Scratch resistant surface. Everyone needs that. By do you really need Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0? Are you planning to beat it to death when you girlfriend leaves you? Come on.. that’s just a marketing gimmick to make the device awesome on paper.


Screen resolution, this is something we can argue. Most do need a good quality screen of HD quality to see pictures, videos and play games. After all that’s what most of us do. But paying £500 or more for a 443ppi resolution seems like a waste when you can get a decent 200ppi (near retina display that is) for £100-£200 now-a-days. Yes if that is Retina display, what will you call the 443ppi one? Trust me you don’t need it.


So, which Smartphone actually suits your need? Lets make a list of features first which are actually used daily –

  1. Calling
  2. Texting
  3. Taking Selfies, Pics, Videos – Camera
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Instagram
  7. Whatsapp
  8. HD Games
  9. Checking Mails
  10. Using the Browser
  11. Crazy Shit most don’t care about


The point 11, is the main reason the cost of a Smartphones goes up. Stuffs like amplified speakers, quad core processor, slim design, accessories, photo editing software.. Arrrgghhh..

Voice assistant, voice activated search, GPS navigation, Dolby quality sound..

uff more.. compatibility with several USBs, HDMI ports, mini projector, button less device, 3D games, gyroscope.. etc etc etc

Did you just said you didn’t even know these features actually exists on your smartphone?


There you go, there’s the reason why you may doing it wrong. Quickly read an article on your device, save few quids. You sure does not know a lot about your own device unless you specifically read the manual which most don’t. I have only mentioned a few, there are more trust me.


Now, the points 1 to 10 are the most used features you should really care about. What device can offer all of those in the cheapest price? I won’t give you any biased opinion but you will get hundreds of devices under £100 which offers all that and is sufficient for you.


Then, why most of us are spending thousands for them in contracts or buying several within a year? Why not spending that money on a Holiday? You will still be able to do all those stuffs, get connected to your social media, take pictures and like your friends pictures in facebook. Think.. Think..


What you need to know before buying a “Smart-Ass Phone” is one of the followings –

  • You travel a lot, you need a good battery life. Most smartphones are appalling when it comes to battery life. They run out within 12hrs and on some cases within 4-5hrs.
  • You are a photographer but you can’t carry a 1kg lens everywhere; go for the best camera phone in the market and enjoy life.
  • You are a designer, buy a smartphone which has apps supporting you to design serious sexy stuff on the go.
  • You are a game developer, buy the quad core once which can help you do your job faster.
  • You drive a lot, buy the phone which offers the best GPS service for when your Tom Tom screws up.
  • You are a busy professional and needs to type faster on the go and check mail with the best network connections. Avoid touch phones, go for a qwerty keyboard phone. Not everything is worth showing off.
  • You have bigger hands, get the big sized phones with 5.5″ screens, you need them for your monstrous finger tips. Screw other’s opinion about how big your phone is; buy what you need.
  • You have small hands, get a small screens sized phone for your daily needs. Don’t make you life harder with a tablet sized phone which is bigger than your palm. Be selfish.
  • Avoid Brand loyalty, that’s how they get you. Just because one model was a hit, doesn’t mean the rest will be good enough. You may end up buying same device with slightly improved features twice a year.
  • Know your needs. You are the person who will be using it. If it doesn’t suit you then what’s the point of buying it?
  • Compare and try to find the cheapest model and then check the reviews. Most of the time, you will change your opinion as you will realise what you actually want.
  • User reviews are more useful than critic reviews, as they are real users.


I work in an IT firm as you can see and have several high end smartphones because I test pre-released versions, write reviews, articles and comparisons. I have couple of free units from the manufactures, but rest I do buy myself. But that doesn’t mean I made a good choice spending all the money for some technology which is changing by day. I can’t control it but most can.



Be generous to treat yourself but reading reviews only help you to choose the device that others find useful, not you. Then again, the money is yours to spend. I can only show you the mirror, I can only give you the useful advice.