Manifesto for Agile Product Development – for any industry !

Original Agile Manifesto was neither confusing nor it needed an upgrade. It still remains the single most valuable source of common sense till date. The values & principles are still extremely valid and useful for software development industry and beyond.

However, over the years a majority of Agile enthusiasts realised that most of the values/principles can be reused on other industries as is, which has knowledge work involved. That’s when the term “Software” in Agile Manifesto became a constant topic of debate. Till date some still argues that it has always been about software and doesn’t apply anywhere else.

Here’s an attempt to clarify & settle that debate for good, as it’s not about anything other than effective product development that brings value to end users. The overall essence is very similar when compared to the original one.

Agility still remains a mindset, a philosophy and an attitude towards something better – on and on.

Hope you enjoy the read and spread the words.



For all 12 principles please follow the full article link here:

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